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Treatment to remove lime scales

The magnetic treatment remove lime scales.
No chemical additives, no sources of energy, no maintenance or cost of operation + maintenance = 0€ ; it is the ultimate eco-friendly device.

Effects on water and fluids :

Avoids carbonates, phosphates, carbo-phosphates and silicates deposits.
Eliminates existing incrustations.
Reduces the formation and the development of the algae, mold and bacteria.
Reduces corrosion and eliminates existing deposits.
Eliminates chemical treatments and manual cleaning.
Improves the flows by preserving the original dimensions of the devices used - therefore maintains the installations at their best performance.
Reduces cost and maintenance of the existing devices.

Effects on fuels : fuel-oil, natural gas and other hydrocarbons :

Improves combustion of all engines and burners
Reduces the emissions of pollutant gases, CO2, CO, Nox.
Reduces air pollution by 50 to 80%.
Reduces unburnt residues and avoids soot deposits.
Avoids bacteria development.
Eliminates oily and paraffin deposits.
Can be used on all types of burners and combustion engines working with all types of fuel-oils and fuels. Here again, no extra-spending for maintenance or renewal of the material ; on the contrary, extra-savings made on the concerned material.

How it works :

Under the action of a very strong magnetic field, the molecules of the suspended particles are modified and directed. In their modified and directed state, the suspended particles cannot combine any more and cannot form any more deposits and incrustations of crystalline forms.
The contact between the modified molecules and the existing incrustations and deposits gradually modifies these existing deposits. They are changed into fine dust that remains in suspension before being naturally eliminated by the circuit. This compound will therefore be easily removed. After this period during which the existing deposits are eliminated, all the modified particles remain in suspension and cannot form incrustation anymore.
It should also be noted that the application of the magnetic field neutralizes algae and mold (always by molecular modifications in a state where these compounds do not survive). Therefore most bacteria do not find the surroundings favourable necessary to their developments any more, i.e. they do not proliferate and die – mainly in closed, broad-circulation circuits.

We have been observing several main improvements of fluids circuits devices(water supply, hot water circuit, heat-exchanger, swimming-pool...):
- the elimination of existing deposits and incrustations ;
- The outputs of exchangers, water-heaters, as the general flow are improved.
- The original outputs are restored and a significant energy saving is observed.
- It is also noticed that the formation and development of corrosion, bacteria, mold and algae are stopped ; they are then reduced below the acceptable levels, and this without any chemical additive or external energy.
The strong magnetic fields also affect the sizes and states of heating-fuel, hydrocarbon molecules, fuel, natural gas... transforming them in a molecular state – i.e. more "available" for combustion and thus allowing a better combustion output (reduction of consumption), and a significant reduction of unburnt residues (reduction of clogging due to soots, of pollutant gases and greenhouse gases emissions). Once again, this result is obtained without any external energy or chemical additive.

We have been observing several main improvements on devices such as combustion engines, burners and any system implying hydrocarbon combustion:
- less consumption,
- increased flame temperatures,
- less pollutant compounds in exhaust fumes,
- less oil and soot deposits
- an elimination of the same types of pre-existing deposits before installation.

It should be pointed out that if you install it on burners, it will be necessary to re-adjust them because the magnetic field device will have significantly improved the output.

The flows of fuel will be significantly reduced, as well as the air flow, and you will observe a reduction in the pollutant fume.

Nota Bene :

It is necessary and important to check the quality of equipotential connections (earth connection) in canalisations.

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